Programul de stagii UNICEF

Programul de stagii UNICEF oferă studenților posibilitatea de a dobândi experiență practică în activitatea UNICEF. UNICEF este activ în diferite domenii funcționale legate de mandatul pe care îl are, care pot fi clasificate în trei piloni principali: Programe și politici, Relații externe și Operațiuni. Mai multe informații despre aceste domenii pot fi găsite aici. Stagiile sunt … Continue reading Programul de stagii UNICEF

“BLOG” Global learning Impact and Development

In this blog you can find many mobility programs, scholarships and even articles in different languages "English, Spanish, Polish and Romanian", if you want to read them select category with the desired language.

My volunteering experience in Spain as an animator

In July 2018 I took part in Summer Camp in Spain. It was a great volunteering experience as well as a great challenge. Why was it challenging but at the same time rewarding?I had a chance to meet volunteers from the United States, United Kingdom and Italy. We were teaching children who come from various … Continue reading My volunteering experience in Spain as an animator


Who are you? What were you doing before ESC, and how did you find the "Solidarity - Built to last" project? - I’m Antía, I'm 25 years old and I’m from Vigo, a city in the north of Spain. I discovered ESC and this project thanks to a friend, who showed it to me; before … Continue reading MEET ESC VOLUNTEER ANTIA

Once you become a volunteer…

Volunteering it’s more than helping local communities, meeting new people and sightseeing. It’s also a responsible way of traveling. We all love to travel and visit new places. In order to keep those places for future generations we have to remember to keep some tips in mind. Save paper! Nowadays, when traveling we can use … Continue reading Once you become a volunteer…

Volunteering helps you to develop soft skills!

Have you heard about soft skills? They are as important as hard skills or even in some placework they are considered as more accurate. The common idea is that soft skills are less important than hard. You can’t be more wrong in this matter. Let’s imagine, whether our future professional position will be teacher or … Continue reading Volunteering helps you to develop soft skills!